Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor


An old hand in the industry called me to congratulate our team for our persistence in ensuring bi-monthly releases of the BWU issues. He said the industry is appreciative of this effort and eventually, we will all want to contribute our knowledge and resources to make this knowledge platform bigger, better and stronger.

Knowledge is an intransitive verb. Knowledge is that resource which will stay and help you build on, even if all others are gone.

Boiler World Update is one such platform which connects the industry in a very strong way by inviting authors to contribute technical and industry related content which can help people from the industry and users, benefit.

I invite such content from all of the industry professionals, researchers, design architects, academicians and users to contribute in a big way for the world to get acquainted with their knowledge and experiences.

To a great winter ahead and a Merry Christmas to all our readers!

Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor, Boiler World Update