Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor, BWU


I write with a hope that all of our subscribers are safe and healthy and pray for everyone’s health and wellness during these troubled times. Covid-19 has hit the world with an intensity that few had predicted and apparently has a long lasting impact. All across, people long for normalcy or a pre-Covid state to prevail and this can be possible by inoculating the populace.

Industries continue to face newer challenges to cope up with the turbulence thrown up by Covid-affected market conditions. The core industries however continue to operate and serve their needs to the best possible extent.

Boiler manufacturers and service/maintenance agencies have done a stupendous job across the world to keep things moving without interruption. There are many a stories of valour where people have selflessly worked in adverse conditions to keep the flame burning.

The first issue of Boiler World Update was received with much enthusiasm; I am thankful to all the authors and subscribers who, by their engagement with us, kept our enthusiasm alive. My thankfulness to Dr Shekhar Mande, Director General, CSIR, India for writing the foreword for the maiden issue at a short notice is definitely in order. A big shoutout and thanksgiving to Mrs Vinita Vaid Singhal, Labour Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra, India, who spared her time to inaugurate the maiden issue and deliver the inaugural speech, online.

I look forward to more interaction from the research and industrial community across the world, who, I once again request to share their invaluable knowledge through this specially curated platform for the Heat Industry.

This issue features a special article on Boiler India, an exhibition that happens in India on a large scale every two years, authored by my assistant convenor of Boiler India 2020, Sugandha Rohatgi.

The industry looks forward to conclaves in Indonesia, the United States of America and China this year and I hope they will all be remarkable events that will ensure greater co-operation and progress in the Steam trade.

Best wishes,

Shri Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor, Boiler World Update

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