Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor


The world, especially the industrial sector welcomed 2022 with hope, optimism, enthusiasm and vigour.

With time, the impact and chaos surrounding Covid-19 appear to wane, paving the way for this optimism and sense of normalisation among all the manufacturers, users, consumers and service providers. Industries have faced many challenges to cope up with the turbulence thrown up by Covid-affected market conditions.

Boiler manufacturers and associated service providers have done a stupendous job all over the world to keep things moving uninterrupted despite many challenges and adverse conditions.

Boilers and its ancillary products are used across many industries such as; Breweries, Laundries, Hospitals, Food industries, Renewable Energy Industries, and hence, Boilers and its associated industries are indirectly the backbone of any manufacturing economy. 

As nations look forward to portray their industrial prowess, I hope that Boiler and allied Industries will lead the charge in this regard.  

We, at Boiler World Update also look forward to continue to keep this optimism and present invaluable and specially curated articles to our readers from heat industry.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce our First Anniversary special issue coming up in March 2022. Do send in articles and advertisements to [email protected] as soon as possible so you can feature in the print edition as well. We intend to circulate the copies to relevant individuals across the world. Do not miss this great opportunity to be a part of the Annual Mag.

Best wishes for a great 2022 ahead!

Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor, Boiler World Update

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