Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor


Wish everyone great health and safety ahead. 

Optimism is back with a vengeance. The virus is on the decline and it appears for certain that 2022 will be a great year. 

The industrial sector is gearing up to encounter the rise in demand. The service industry is all set to bounce back. Industrial production has constantly shown an upswing. 

The World Economic Forum’s most-recent Chief Economists Survey shows most expect a recovery of global GDP to its pre-COVID-19 level by the first half of 2022.

Normalisation of supply chain management will be an issue of concern with freight rates going overboard by many times over. Rationalisation to pre-Covid levels can be expected only in a year or more with government interference expected across the world.

Loss of jobs, however, has remained a matter of big concern with more jobs lost than gained. A new economic and manufacturing method that operates at a greater efficiency has set in and this will create challenges for job recovery.

The 2050 target for zero emissions looks pretty difficult and the world will have a difficult time achieving it with a tolerance of ten percent.

The Boiler industry, however, is all set to move to the new age eco friendly fuel usage equipment and this creates great opportunity for the bio-mass and bio-degradable fuel suppliers.

This issue also sees a feature about Boiler India 2022 that is all set to happen in Mumbai in March 2022. A big congregation that will re-ignite the business and relaunch many companies back to their upward trajectory.

Best wishes for some great days ahead,

Bhanu Rajagopalan, Managing Editor, Boiler World Update

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