BOILER INDIA 2020- Benefits of Seminar & Best Boiler User competition

BOILER INDIA 2020 was organised by the Directorate of Steam Boilers at CIDCO exhibition and convention centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India between 21st to 23rd March 2020 with the motive to create a diverse and dynamic networking platform for boiler and allied industries and professionals.


The glory of this conclave was enhanced by the prize distribution for Best Boiler User competition, conducted by IBR, in a full packed auditorium in the presence of tech-savvy engineers,  plant in charges, plant heads, factory owners, consultants, designers, manufacturers and service providers from various boiler user industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, steel, refineries, sugar, cement, textile, plywood, rubber, pulp and paper, food,  distilleries, dyes, paint industries, power plants, students, researchers and academicians.

The idea of conducting the Best Boiler User competition across 6 boiler user categories was to recognise and acknowledge industries adopting IBR rules most spectacularly to minimise boiler hazards and maximise operational output.

The highlight of the event was the award of various prizes in the different categories across the boiler department. The competition was quite tough with over 150 nominees in each category. Considering the overwhelming response, the nominations for the competition were closed 60 days before the event.

1st Prize was bagged by- M/s.Bekaert Industry Pvt. Ltd., Ranjangaon, Pune in Sizing/Rice Mills/ Other Small Industries category. 

From Textile/Processing/Edible Oil/ Paper/ Ordnance/ Distilleries Industries category M/s. BILT Graphic Paper Product Ltd., Indapur, Pune bagged the first prize. 

M/s.Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Pvt.Ltd, Baramati, Pune won from the Pharmaceutical/ Chemical/ Dairy/ Hotel/Food Industries category. 

From Sugar Industries, 1st prize was won by Dr Patangrao Kadam Sonhira S.S.K. Ltd., Wangi, Sangli. 

M/s.Finolex Ind.Ltd., Pawas, Ratnagiri secured first prize in Captive/Cogeneration( Steel / Cement/ Chemical/ Petrochemical Industries) category.

From Power Plant category M/s.Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd., Dahanu, Palghar bagged the 1st prize. 

The prize distribution ceremony was conducted with zeal & enthusiasm while focussing on the areas where improvement is required like boiler safety and efficiency. The activeness of taking part in the competition in the future was clearly indicating that the goal and objectives for this by the Directorate of Steam Boilers were fulfilled.

Actual impact commenced from that point of time when the forms of Best Boiler User Award 2020 were circulated and concerned staff started filling out these forms. This was noticed by committee members while carrying out physical verification of probable winners at boiler plants of various categories.

Benefits of Best Boiler User competition

Awareness at the following area was clearly understood by all six categories of the boiler industry due to this competition.

  1. Boiler Safety
  2. I.S.O. standard adoption and perfect implementation
  3. Disposal of hazardous waste
  4. Importance of boiler operation engineers and attendants
  5. Availability and reliability of the boiler
  6. Boiler Efficiency
  7. Mill reject, percentage of unburnt and tripping of boilers
  8. Specific D.M. water and raw water consumption
  9. Adoption of best maintenance practices
  10. Adoption of innovative energy-saving measures
  11. Innovative performance improvement projects
  12. Importance of 5S activities
  13. Housekeeping at boiler area
  14. Emission levels of SOX,  NOX and S.P.M

Benefits of Seminar

A three-day seminar for boiler users, manufacturers and skill development was organised by the Directorate of Steam Boilers at CIDCO convention centre,  Vashi,  Navi Mumbai from 21/02/2020 to 23/02/2020 to celebrate 150 years of Boiler inspection in India.

BOILER INDIA 2020 conclave was helpful for users in terms of safe & efficient use, for creating a platform to display wares of its manufacturers and for creating a hub for skilled manpower.

BOILER INDIA 2020 was an amazing initiative in India to showcase the latest technological advances in the boiler industry.

There were 24 knowledge sessions attended by Executive Directors, Chief engineers, General Managers, Plant heads, Factory owners, Consultants, Designers, Manufacturers, Service providers, Students and operators.

The world-renowned speakers from 3 major categories: Boiler Manufacturing industries,  Steam Utilising Industries and Skill Development provided a wealth of information with critical issues and case studies and covered the latest technologies and emerging trends related to Boilers.

The knowledge sessions were attended by around 4600 delegates from around the globe from various boiler industries mentioned above.

The seminar was conducted in 3 different halls and presentations that covered everything from the critical and day to day problems faced to emerging and advanced trends in Boiler and were very much helpful for getting concrete information regarding the following

  1. Significance of knowledge-based inspections for condition assessment and in estimating the remaining life of the boiler
  2. Selection of Boiler and feasibility of fuel change in boiler
  3. Failure mechanisms in boiler components
  4. Failure & Accidents in Boiler
  5. Clinker prevention and its safe removal practices by advanced methods like Pulse detonation and wave technology and Targeted In Fuel Injection injection (TIFI) technology.
  6. Remote & real-time performance monitoring with sensors
  7. Modern trends in Boiler maintenance
  8. Effluent treatments and pollution control
  9. Water treatment & importance of water chemistry.
  10. Water treatment and reduction of water in ash handling system
  11. Steam system efficiency improvement
  12. Use of solar thermal energy in the boiler
  13. Opportunities in using municipal waste as a fuel 
  14. Advanced NDT methods like PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Technique) and TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction)
  15. Boiler manufacturing procedure
  16. Boiler pressure vessel & heat exchanger manufacturing technology
  17. Introduction to international codes for Boiler & pressure vessel
  18. Pathway for successful boiler manufacturing
  19. Metallurgy for high temperature & high pressure
  20. Project planning
  21. Basic welding technology
  22. Welder qualifications & welding inspections
  23. Training & certifications in NDT
  24. Job opportunities in NDT
  25. Boiler operation / Repairing /Servicing of valves
  26. Opportunities in the field of Energy Conservation
  27. Opportunities in the field of safety officers/safety auditors 

Lesson learned and the way forward

  1. The erection of a new plant takes several months to be operative and it is costly also. Hence the need for R.L.A.(Residual Life Assessment) for reliable operation and extended life is required in the wider public and national interest.
  2. In many parts of India land is available in plenty but water is scarce, naturally drinking and irrigation uses have got priority over industrial uses. In such areas where there is an acute shortage of water, the use of dry ash handling systems can be explored.
  3. The safety aspect of boilers from equipment as well as from the operator’s point of view needs special attention since any accident can cause severe damage to life as well as property. I.B.R.has done every provision to stop the unwanted task but also it needs real-time close monitoring and scrutiny of parameters at one point of time and how they vary with respect to time and their effects on each other.
  4. Importance of data,  record keeping and periodic analysis of data should be done at different stages to check the condition of equipment in line with condition assessment studies. This is useful for computing the plant economics, failure analysis, providing feedback on equipment performance and for preparing a long term action plan and definitely will help to make decision making data-centric and not experience-centric.
  5. Achieving continued high performance & high availability of steam generators requires the combined effort of the operation and maintenance personnel. The operation staff should maintain recommended parameters for achieving high efficiency & maintenance personnel should monitor the equipment condition and carry out necessary adjustments /repairs to ensure high availability.
  6. The constitution of a specialised environmental justice delivery mechanism i.e.National Green Tribunal,  the scope and extent of environmental governance has widely increased with more focus on urban pollution management,  common environmental infrastructure, compliance and enforcement. The Tribunal has also focussed on remediation and restoration of the environmental degradation and contamination based on the polluter pays principle. This has encouraged and facilitated compliance resulting in fair compete fitness among the industries. N.G.T. benches have concentrated not only on up-gradation, effective operation & maintaining existing ETPs of industries, operation & processes as well as the STPs but also started imposing remediation & restoration cost and also imposing huge amount of fines.
  7. Behavioural,  Managerial & Technical training to staff & workmen as well as Team building and skill development to workmen to enhance and to sustain quality,  productivity,  safety and cost given zero defect and zero accident are necessary for up-keeping organisation strength.
  8. Semi-Automatic or Automatic ultrasonic examination considerably reduces the time of inspection in comparison with conventional radiography. Safety issues are eliminated by replacing radiography with the automatic ultrasonic examination.
  9. Each code for Boilers and Pressure vessels has its philosophy behind it’s development based on technology, design, resources, knowledge of materials, risk perception etc. While comparing various provisions in different codes and standards, one must appreciate that those sets of rules are independent and may not be interchangeable. To assure safe performance and integrity of pressure systems we must follow and comply with all the requirements of a chosen code consistently with due regard to its inherent philosophy.


Value addition & change in methodology and strategies to be adopted while carrying out daily day to day work at manufacturing industries and steam utilising industries with a process-driven approach and team building followed by skill development are the major benefits of this competition and seminar.

Last but not least, it is necessary to mention that the grand success of this Boiler India-2020 conclave is due to tremendous efforts taken by Directorate of Steam Boiler and the team of Orange Beak Technology, Nagpur which was closely witnessed by me.

Pramod P Kate, Boiler Technical Consultant

  • Harmony
    December 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Programme was the best I attended in my entire service tenure of 42 years

  • Bhanudas Thorat
    December 6, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    Programme was the best I attended in my entire service tenure of 42 years

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