India’s economy has been growing at a tremendous rate and shows no sign of slowing down. The increased production requirements can put a strain on outdated industrial and commercial boiler houses. Therefore, understanding the most effective, efficient, and reliable control systems for boiler houses has never been more crucial.

The choice between linkage and micro-modulation control systems vastly impacts energy efficiency and operational efficacy. This article unpacks these systems in-depth and equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Linkage versus Micro Modulation Combustion Management

On the one hand, linkage control systems are the traditional method to control fuel and air mix using mechanical linkages. They are simpler to understand and maintain and have a lower initial investment cost compared to other options.

On the other hand, micromodulation control systems are the future of boiler house operations. They offer automated, precise control of the combustion process, delivering efficiency while substantially reducing fuel consumption. These systems can adapt to fluctuating conditions within split seconds, improving performance, and eliminating the need for costly manual intervention.

Historically, linkage has been the norm, but micro modulation control systems are fast becoming a cornerstone of India’s industrial sector. They offer unmatched accuracy and control, leading to considerable savings in energy and maintenance costs. Moreover, they provide in-depth visibility through data analytics, paving the way for predictive maintenance and performance optimisation.

At first glance, relying on familiar technology and maintaining existing linkage systems might appear the easiest route. However, the integration of micro-modulation control systems significantly enhances the safety and reliability of boiler houses. This not only improves production processes but also ensures employee safety. Beyond that, reduced emissions help the environment, and increased efficiency boosts the company’s bottom line – often delivering a return on investment for the newly installed technology within six months.

Adopting advanced technology like micro-modulation control systems delivers a competitive advantage in any industrial or commercial application.

Autoflame, Manufacturer of World-Leading Micro Modulation Systems

Autoflame Engineering is the global leader in precise commercial and industrial combustion control systems that deliver reliable burner management for connected and safe boiler houses. Newly released, the Mini Mk9 MM reduces fuel consumption by 7-12% over traditional linkage systems and can reduce CO2 emissions by 10-15%. Among other automatic settings, it includes a fully automated flame safeguard, valve proving system, VFD control, scheduling, and sequencing.

A brand-new and patented feature for Hydrogen firing in the Mini Mk9 MM is future-proof and world-first technology – the Flame Trim using a Solid-State UV Scanner. It enables near-instantaneous combustion trim.

Furthermore, data is now accessible instantly and wirelessly via the Mk9 Download Manager App. It enables customers to download data, diagnostics, and long-term logs, as well as upload data, logos, and software updates.

Taking combustion management even further, Autoflame’s Exhaust Gas Analyser (the EGA EVO) helps monitor flue emissions for regulatory compliance but also aids in reducing fuel emissions. It allows for continuous sampling of up to six exhaust gases (O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2 & SO2) at a significantly lower cost than other systems. It can be used in tandem with an Autoflame micromodulation controller or in standalone mode. It enables three-parameter trim control in the controller, delivering even higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Safety, accessibility, and precision are paramount to Autoflame. Autoflame products carry worldwide approvals and are tested and approved by the relevant safety bodies – including UL, CE, EAC, AGA, and ATEX. This ensures secure use of the technology in every setting, from hospital boiler rooms to petrochemical plants. In addition, close collaboration between the suppliers and the manufacturer ensures that Autoflame exceeds all worldwide safety standards, at no extra cost to their customers.

Innovative Technology Tailored to Meet India’s Unique Challenges

Autoflame is a trusted, family-owned, British manufacturer with a global footprint. Over the last 50 years, Autoflame has grown into a multi-award-winning export champion with a highly successful partner network of over 120 Technology Centers across the world.

Autoflame is committed to serving customers of all sizes throughout India. They ensure that both small and large corporations, e.g. Nestle, have access to timely local support by working with eight OEM and service partners. All partners across the globe receive annual training from Autoflame to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest product features. Through its partners, Autoflame has an unrivalled understanding of the Indian market and its unique challenges.

Find out more about Autoflame in this article.

Case Study – Delivering ROI within 3 months for a Couscous Factory

A customer has upgraded their production facility to create the first, fully automated factory in Tunisia for couscous and pasta production. Their annual production capacity is 100,000 tonnes, supplied by two steam boilers capable of 12 tonnes/hour each.


The customer wanted to achieve energy savings and minimize boiler shutdowns which result in high product waste costs. They also wanted to work with a partner who has spare equipment on hand to avoid long shutdown periods during repairs.


As part of the quote, an efficiency site survey was carried out which estimated energy savings of 5%. An Autoflame Mk8 MM was commissioned to automate boiler control. In addition, the burner was adapted to work efficiently with natural gas and heavy fuel oil equipment was eliminated.


Automated and precise combustion control delivered instantaneous monthly fuel savings of roughly 10,000 TND (266,982 INR) – a staggering fuel saving of 32% per month! The return of investment for the upgrade was achieved within three months of commissioning.

Meet Autoflame at Boiler India, 25-27 September 2024

Take a look at our solutions first-hand and talk to our local partners, along with product engineers at our booth at Boiler India, A57, 25-27 September in Mumbai, India.

There might not be an answer as to how to get to net zero tomorrow, however, Autoflame provides a solution right now that delivers energy, emissions, and cost savings, along with compliance and increased safety in modern boiler houses. If you’d like to get in touch before September, please connect with:


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