Steam Generation Africa (Pty) Ltd is a South African-owned company with collectively over 50 years of experience specializing in heat generation technology. The company is well geared to offer steam & hot water turnkey projects anywhere in Africa, from pre-sales, sales and post-sales services, design, pipework and spare parts.

Steam Generation’s major shareholder is South African Breweries Thrive Fund, an Entrepreneurial Development initiative of ABInBev.

Services offered by Steam Generation in Africa:

  • Supply worldwide “Best of Breed” products
  • Turnkey boiler house consultancy and supply
  • Steam reticulation design & calculations
  • Installation and project management
  • Preventative maintenance packages
  • Efficiency upgrades and plant enhancements
  • Commissioning and training
  • Full spare support covering all current boilers and burners and products still in operational life

We are the official Africa agents of Cochran UK fire tube industrial steam & hot water boilers. Cochran delivers fully engineered heat and energy solutions, Cochran has been at the forefront of combining proven engineering skills with technological innovation in heat generation and transfer systems since 1878. The Cochran brand is the globally recognized benchmark for quality British engineering and manufacturing; a name that stands for unrivaled dependability, durability and premium performance.

Cochran is an internationally acknowledged expert in the provision of package steam & hot water boilers. The Cochran package was founded over 130 years at the forefront of industry-leading innovation in combustion and control system design and manufacture.

Steam Generation & Cochran’s offering extends to include installation, commissioning, servicing, repairs, spare parts and planned maintenance solutions, combined with in-depth technical support throughout the long operational life of the Cochran boiler.

That unrivaled experience means when you choose Steam Generation Africa & Cochran, you have selected a lifelong solution to your energy needs.

Design Concept: Cochran boilers are manufactured to stringent international codes such as BS2790, EN12953, ASME, China’s CSEI and Russian Gost.

When it comes to combustion controls, Cochran’s standard supply is the Siemens LMV or Autoflame Combustion Systems. Cochran manufactures its own range of burners, the Simplex/Triplex, Equinox and Ultranox (low NOx) burners, however, we will fit burners of your choice such as Limpsfield, Weishaupt, Riello and Saacke brands.

CERTUSS Steam Generators produce the best steam as consistently quietly, easily and reliably as possible with low energy and water consumption. Those who need industrial steam for their production processes benefit from these characteristics.

In more than 100 sectors, such as health care, the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, the hotel business and the food & beverage sector, CERTUSS steam generators are an established name worldwide. With consistent research and advanced development along with the highest quality standards for more than 50 years, they have been developing gas-fired, oil-fired and electric steam generators. The output classes for modules heated by fossil fuels range up to 2000 Kg/hour and up to 320 Kg/hour for electric steam generators.

CERTUSS systems are known for a high degree of “MODULARITY”. They can be combined into intelligent multiple systems to provide significantly larger outputs (up to 16,000 Kg/hour).

CERTUSS System Advantages:

  • Easy to Operate; all configurations and settings are easy to manage with the self-explanatory touchscreen.
  • Durable; preheating the feed water to 90° – 95°C separates the oxygen from the water and provides corrosion protection.
  • No Waiting Time; The CERTUSS heating coil is the core component of the water tube boiler principle. Three (3) minutes after the system is started, the high-speed steam generator is supplying 98% quality saturated steam.
  • Precise; The CERTUSS burner, which can be controlled exactly, supplies precisely regulated steam pressure in increments of 1/10 Bar.
  • Safe; Based on the water tube boiler principle, much less water is heated than in a conventional boiler. That reduces risk to a minimum.
  • Protected; the automatic safety valve prevents overpressure.
  • Efficient; no heat loss due to the unique 3-fold air insulation and heat recycling. Not only is the combustion air preheated, but the outer covering is cooled as well, which minuses loss and saves energy. The CERTUSS economizer allows the energy potential of the discharged flue gas to be used as well.


Steam Generation Africa is proud to be a partner with Alulatech Engineers which offers engineering design solutions for the following fields:

In-Service Pressure Vessels

  • Modification solutions
    • Re-Certification solutions
    • Reinstatement & de-rating solutions
    • Fit for service determination solutions
    • Remaining life solutions

New Pressure Vessels

  • Design solutions
    • Optimization solutions

In-Service Steam Generators/Boilers

  • Modification solutions
    • Re-Certification solutions
    • Reinstatement solutions
    • Fit for service determination solutions
    • Remaining life solutions

New Steam Generators / Boilers

  • Design solutions
    • Optimization solutions

Pipe Stress Analysis Solutions

  • New process piping
    • New gas piping
    • Thermal & pressure analysis
    • In-Service repair optimization & recommendation

Professional Engineer Solutions

  • Design calculation verification
    • Design calculation sign-Off
    • Design & manufacturing solutions

In addition to this, Alulatech Engineers offer a draughting service to draw and assemble General

arrangement drawings as well as manufacturing/fabrication drawings.

Please visit our website: for more information, or email: [email protected] to request assistance.

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