Revolutionary Anti-scalant and De-scalant herbal liquid for boilers and cooling towers

Aditya Clean (ECO)

First herbal water treatment liquid for boilers and cooling towers. This is a neem-based liquid which acts as anti-scalent and de-scalent along with antimicrobial action and oxygen scavenger.

This unique liquid is also used for drinking, cooling towers and heat exchangers in water treatment and conditioning processes to eliminate scale and algae. It enhances the sweetness of the water. In industries, hardness-causing materials (Calcium and Magnesium) pose a great problem in the form of scales in boilers, calling towers, heat exchangers and pipelines. The damage caused by scale is much higher, and in some cases accidents also occur. Aditya clean is the first and only eco-friendly herbal-based water treatment liquid to serve industries in eliminating the scales, algae, corrosion, rusting, bacteria etc. from any kind of system where ever water is in contact.

About the product:

  1. Liquid with nearly neutral pH
  2. Colourless to pale yellow
  3. Sp. Gr. – 1.01 to 1.016
  4. Purely herbal single product
  5. Anti scaling, de-scaling
  6. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-algae
  7. Anti-corrosive, anti-rusting
  8. Acts as an Oxygen scavenger
  9. No irritation to skin and eyes
  10. Harmless if consumed accidentally


  1. Boilers & cooling towers
  2. Avoids use of softener/D.M./R.O. plants
  3. Avoids addition of conventional acidic and basic chemicals
  4. Reduces energy loss
  5. No annual maintenance
  6. No replacement of pipes, valves, Finns etc.
  7. Enhances heat exchanges in the system

Packing: 60 kg and 35 kg Sealed Carbuoys


This liquid contains two portions. One is a microbial deactivator and the second unit scalent and descalent. This liquid will act as unit rusting and oxygen scavengers.

The dosages of Aditya Clean (ECO) is based on the following parameters:

  1. Total water stored in the system
  2. Amount of daily make- up water 
  3. The quality of water flowing in the system 
  4. Load on which the boiler and cooling tower runs
  5. Total capacity of the boiler & cooling tower*

*Dosage may vary from system to system

Usage for cooling tower:

Aditya clean should be directly dosed into the sump of the system or its tray. Initial dosage will be a bit high so that the liquid can mix with complete water in the system, helps to loosen the scale and algae.

Usage for boilers:

Aditya Clean shall be dosed in the feed water tank of any of boiler 

  1. Collection of blow down samples periodically at regular intervals
  2. Changes in colour of blow samples periodically at regular intervals
  3. Increase in pressure needed for the boiler 
  4. Decrease in fuel consumption and water to fuel ratio 
  5. Increase in the heat exchange 

Action in boiler water:

This will complex the ionized metals into non-ionic in nature in the form of suspended  as well as precipitable solids. This liquid will penetrate through scales in the boiler and loosen the same. 

The undissolved scales will be collected at the bottom and removed by blow down. Our liquid specialty is not reacting with the scaling materials like the conventional chemicals but remove in the undissolved condition. This liquid will replace all the conventional chemicals dosing in boilers. Also, the boiler can be operated at pH 7. Not like the conventional method of above 8.5.


  1. Change in colour & loosening of algae
  2. Flow of water 
  3. Change in the ppm & TDS of in chilling compressor water 
  4. Increase in discharge pressure & outlet water 
  5. Quality and transparency of water in boiler 

Comparative statement of ECO clean with Chemicals used in water treatment:

Our other herbal products

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N Manikanteswaran Iyer, Aditya Inc.

  • Er R.Gopalakrishna
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    This appears interesting, what will be the intervels of mixing and the quantites, is there a distributo in Hyderabad, what will be the price and any sucess stories

  • Matthew Moon
    July 11, 2022 at 6:15 am

    I am interested in showing and introducing spare parts for boiler and water & air control system in HVAC

  • Vinod Garg
    September 16, 2022 at 12:05 am

    Want information for biomass use as fuel in steam boilers

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