Thermax displays its edge in technology and sustainability at Boiler India 2020

Thermax Limited a leading energy and environment solutions provider participated at Boiler India 2020. The company being one of the prominent exhibitors displayed its capabilities as ‘One Thermax’ offering a comprehensive range of utility solutions right from energy generation to dissipation –   heating and cooling equipment, turnkey power plants, waste heat recovery units, systems for water and wastewater management including wastewater recycle, air pollution control and performance improving chemicals with a focus on sustainable offerings.

Highlights of the display comprised an actual Shellmax Global Boiler, a smart and compact boiler with international standards; biomass-based heating solutions; in-place sewage treatment and other water treatment solutions; efficient steam accessories and a range of chemicals for special applications.  

Apart from physical exhibits, a series of captivating visual displays were showcased, such as making and shipping of the largest battery of modularised boilers from India for the biggest refinery in Africa; IoT solutions for boilers and chillers as a game-changer and simulated working of high technology products. 

Thermax’s belief being firmly anchored in its purpose of ‘Conserving Resources and Preserving the Future,’ the company’s focus was on innovative green technologies, that not only help reduce environmental impact but also help customers reduce their carbon footprint and save operational expenses. These include waste heat recovery systems, flue gas desulphurisation systems, vapour absorption machines, power from waste and renewables. 

Thermax also displayed its product portfolio of its recent venture into the ‘Urban’ segment to address critical customer needs in the realty, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and infrastructure domains. The offerings span heating, solar PV, water solutions and chemicals.  

Thermax was also one of the key participants at various panel discussions and presentations held alongside the expo on all the days. Various members from the company including business leaders, category heads and technical experts covered subjects ranging from boiler selection and feasibility of fuel change;  pathway for successful boiler manufacturing and modularisation of boilers; latest trend in welding; and the future of the boiler industry in India and the global scenario.

Our Experience at Boiler India 2020: 

Boiler India, being a one-of-its kind expo for boiler manufacturers, gave an exclusive platform for us to showcase our products to the target audiences. The experience had been encouraging with a positive response from the visitors. We look forward to the next edition where we can display our new range of offerings.

Team Thermax Global

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